Sunday, March 1, 2015


nerves, Reader Dear!

It seems just as soon as we finish with one bout of snow and/or ice and/or freezing rain, and we have a day that is more than half sunny and in which the temperatures are a balmy not-quite-freezing, then Father Nature strikes again!

Today, for example, we had nearly eight hours of white and/or freezing precipitation.  I drove nearly twenty-five miles in the slippery stuff, which set my teeth on edge and caused my whole body to tense up like a high-school English lesson. (Verbs: creep, brake, slide, gasp, clutch, pound.)  Past tense was such a relief!

Here, Viewer Dear, is my entire Winter Collection of photos. I am done with them!

I am so ready to pitch the whole eclectic mix into a snowbank,

and fly off to Southern California with the guy who clears snow off the driveway where I park my car.*

*Soon to follow: news of
warm and sunny** California, Dear Reader!
**(please, please)

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gyjb said...

Me too! I've had enough of the cold and weather. Yesterday and today we are hitting 60 deg. While out for a walk yesterday I noticed people wearing shorts and sleeveless tops and children playing in snow banks, throwing snowballs. A welcome sight!