Tuesday, March 10, 2015


is our view from the rental house at Morro Bay, California.

The four of us vacationing here get to look out at this fantastic piece of the natural world every morning as we drink our coffee, and every evening as the sunset bathes it in colored light.


Monday morning, after that super-smart Bro-in-Law sets us all up with wi-fi connection via his super-smart phone, we climb into our rental car and head up to Big Sur (which, I discover,  is an  approximately ninety-mile stretch of the Central California coast where fantastic views of the Pacific Ocean and the  rocky California shoreline make me suck in my breath around nearly every curve in the road). See here, Viewer Dear:

Big Sur is also a place where one can gaze upon Elephant Seals.  Seeing these odd-looking creatures was a highlight of the trip for me, Viewer Dear; I was so taken with the fat blubbery bodies, the carefree lolling on the beach! 

I'm afraid  I photographed the little tubs of lard rather obsessively, Viewer Dear.  I know I had a big grin on my face as I watched them scratch themselves and yawn and nuzzle and play footsies.  I promise I'll show you more, before we continue on our way north.

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