Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Afternoon:  This log will come to an end tomorrow.  But for now, we've got one more mission.  And we've got the Best California Doughnut of my Life. 

So, we start with the doughnut.

Because the doughnut is lunch.
(The next time you're in Pismo Beach, California, Dear Reader, be sure to stop by Surfside Donuts.  It was the owner's wife who arose at an extremely early hour this morning to mix up the dough, but she is not around to take my compliments at noon.  It is the owner who steps outside the shop to pose for me!)  The salted-caramel-topped doughnut (aka donut) will live on in memory as one of the highlights of my California Friday-the-Thirteenth*.
Later in the afternoon: We drive through the countryside,
the acres and acres of vineyards and other crops,

until we arrive at La Purisima Mission State Historic Park.
Once again, the tour is self-guided, with many explanatory signs.  (I'm afraid it's going to be self-guided for you, as well, Viewer Dear!)

It appears the Livestock Inventory has been reduced to one (very impressive) head!

We wander through some long, low buildings. 

The place seems quite devoid of other people.  And now that we've completed our mission of seeing this mission, The Yard Man and I, His Sis and The Bro-in-Law are going to add to the list of deserters.

(More Final Friday on Thursday [further muddling of the days!])

* It is an extreme act of willpower that prevents the chocolate-topped doughnut from also living on in my California growth experience.

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