Monday, October 31, 2011

REPORTS ON THE CELEBRITY birthday continue, as promised. The star first made an appearance around noon today on the sidewalk in front of his house, taking a spin on the birthday bike he received just last night.

Later he was spotted at a large antique market in the western part of the county, where he was highly entertained by a bird that squawked at him. (It just so happens, Dear Reader, that there is a Pet Shop in the basement below those antique shops; it is nothing fancy, you can count on it, but the bird and the few rabbits and the guinea pigs that reside there were of far more interest to the Little Actor than the inanimate objects thirty to fifty or more times his age.)

Bystanders next captured him on camera at a riverside location, where he made the discovery of a waffle (though you, Reader Dear, may call it seepage from a waterpipe, or even perhaps a waterfall).

Toward evening, patrons at a local restaurant were suprised and pleased to find themselves sharing space with the young celebrity (particularly the six who were lucky enough to be eating at his table). Even the musician providing the dinner music was honored to be performing for someone so charming, and voiced appreciation of his young guest to all the restaurant diners.

Word has it that the Little Actor tired from the long day of celebration and left the restaurant with his caretakers a bit ahead of the remaining four of his dinner party (the Canadian couple claiming to be his grandparents, and the yard man and myself, who make the same identical claim!) and went home to bed. It is unknown at this point how long festivities will continue. Check this blog, Reader Dear, for future exclusive reports!


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