Sunday, October 16, 2011


I'M IN THE GREEN ROLLING HILLS OF VIRGINIA, between the Blue Ridge and the Chesapeake Bay. Can you believe it, my very own Dear Reader? a folk festival is currently underway! How happily for me plus these loved ones: we are rolling toward it this very day!
( We get a preview via live radio broadcast as we [us native Virginians--the Small Actor and I-- plus the rest of our small entourage] make our way there.)

To be precise, it's the Fourth Annual Richmond Folk Festival, this weekend musical event to which we're headed. We've spent the morning breakfasting, slathering on sunscreen, and gathering together paraphernalia.

After our arrival at this spot beside the James River, where the glorious music is cooperating with the honeyed warmth of the sunshine, the nostalgia-producing train whistles, and the aroma of international foods, it's obvious there is no finer place to be on a day such as this one!

I find myself, Dear Viewer, in the enviable position of having too many pictures to proffer; too many musical moments to manage to mete out in an orderly fashion.

Or at least I'm too busy to share with you right now, Reader Dear. I'm busy eating fried potatoes and Thai food. Busy giving the Small Actor starring roles. Busy perusing the crafts and arts displays. Busy people watching.

I'm just busy enjoying this idyllic day! Okay?!*

*(I'll come back later if you say yea; I'll put more sunshine and songs on display)

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