Sunday, October 9, 2011


IT'S SIMPLY SUBLIME how birthday greetings continue to slip into my days. Yesterday--one day beyond the actual now-I'm-a-whole-year-older date--a sister of mine called with belated birthday wishes, and apologized for the lateness. "It's okay," I explained. "You're not really late. I've decided to celebrate my whole Birthday Week."

"Ha," she laughed. "Why stop there? Why not celebrate your Birthday Year?"

Well, Dear Reader, I was attracted to the novel idea. It was still only Day Two of my Birthday Week, not too late to extend my options. So, after mulling it briefly, I went ahead and opted for an entire festive year! Since my yard man and I were invited to a picnic in the park with six of our friends that very evening, I hurried right out and got a chocolate truffle cheesecake to share in celebration.

The park where we picnicked offers a spectacular panoramic view. Everyone contributed to the pleasing array of food that graced the table (unexpectedly blessed by a Praying Mantis, which I took as an auspicious sign [occurring, as it did, on my Birthday Year!])

What with the fabulous weather, the three kinds of chocolate, the pumpkin pie and the camaraderie of friends, I reveled in my birthday wealth!

As the sun sank below the horizon, ending our picnic (the gates to the park are locked at sunset; not a one of my friends was clambering to spend the night there), it cast a rosy birthday glow over Day Two.

Day Three, of course, is today. I'm afraid you will need to wait for today's news, Reader Dear, until tomorrow (ahem, Day Four).



Shirley said...

What IS that? A radish-and-oil pie?

KTdid said...

That, my dear friend, is a bowl of hummus with cherry tomatoes and a generous annointment of olive oil--(concocted by the one in our midst who grew up eating this dish) yum, yum!


Shirley said...

Oh! Sweet of him!