Saturday, October 15, 2011


WE ALL KNOW, DEAR READER, that "evening red and morning gray sends a traveler on his way." That's why I was a little concerned when I climbed out of bed this morning and was met by an unmistakably red morning sky! It was a kind of sky with the sneaky reputation of "pouring down rain upon one's head"!
Well, rain or shine, I needed to make some movies; I intended to go and visit my Small Actor, no matter the weather. So, accompanied by my chauffeuring yard man, I set out for Richmond, Virginia. And the day performed quite admirably. It was such an incredibly clear and warm and blue-sky day, in fact, that I fear I grumbled a wee bit too clearly and warmly over the need to spend so many hours in the car.

Eventually, of course, we crossed the bridges, paid the tolls, hopped out of the car and ran back to open the trunk and procure some snacks during a long traffic light, dealt with the horrendous traffic, ate the snacks, drove the miles, and ended up in the presence of the Small Actor! Oh, I'm in awe of this little celeb!

(I'm moving into gear to begin gearing up for setting up my movie-making gear and making a movie!*
*Look for its release tomorrow)


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