Friday, October 14, 2011


WELL, DEAR READER, I WAS ALL SET to comment on the weather (A clear sign that not much was stirring today, other than the leaves being whipped off the trees; followed by bright sun; and right on the sunny heels, a thunderstorm; then soon, an era of sun; and a half-hour later, darkness and a shower; after which sunshine once more ensued. Someone appeared to be having a very tough time with decision-making today!)

So then the mailman arrived, and once more rain fell out of the sky as I trotted out to the box and retrieved the daily assortment of junk mail and invoices and....oh, my.
What have we here?!

It appeared for all the world, Dear Reader, as though this mysterious package in the box might possibly be belated birthday bounty!

Now, it is Day Eight of my Birthday Year celebration. If truth be told, I was pondering the advisability of calling the whole thing off! In actuality, as soon as I finished my tale of the weather, I had plans to recant! A Birthday Week celebration, I said to myself, is quite long enough. The birthday cupcakes have been consumed; the birthday flowers are fading. The birthday cards are going to look a little goofy displayed in the spring of the year. And what is, Dear Reader...YOU are going to be pursing your lips and shaking your head about the time I say, "It is day Two Hundred and Thirty-three of my Birthday Year!" Good heavens, me too!

So you can just imagine my flip-flopping ideas on this when I opened the well-wrapped package and there, sure enough, was a pinkly-wrapped Birthday Gift! And a wonderful Birthday Card!

This is so lovely! Suppose I'd just ended the celebration?! I really must rethink my recantation!

(Now the weatherman and I are both scratching our heads [and once more the sun is shining!])


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