Monday, October 10, 2011


DAY THREE (of the Birthday Year): in which Happy Birthday was (once again) sung; yet another birthday card was received; birthday candles were extinguished; and birthday cupcakes were (once again) eaten. (Oh, they were excellent fare, those cupcakes!)

"I used that light cream cheese," said my daughter. "And I made them very healthy. Just for you!"

Other good fortunes of the day included a Mexican lunch out with friends, and a supper cooked up by my yard man and eaten al fresco. There is also the wee fact that I couldn't have wished for more adorable help in blowing out my birthday candles!

I have no idea, Dear Reader, if the five-star weather I chortled over yesterday was yet another gift in my honor, but, my goodness...this Birthday Year appears to be shaping up well!


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