Saturday, October 8, 2011


YESTERDAY CAME GIFT-WRAPPED IN SOLID BLUE, a typical tenth-month shade. It unfurled for me as only the seventh day of the tenth month is apt to do:

At Ten O'clock a.m., I called my (very slightly younger) brother, and sang him a Beatles song.*

Eleven O'clock a.m: I sat in the sun and played a little guessing game with the nice stack of mail I received. All those cards were upside-down. I opened them one-by-delightful-one and surmised the sender from studying the front of each card. Dear Reader, I know my friends well!

Twelve O'clock noon: A deliveryperson arrived bearing flowers. I didn't know him well (to be truthful, not at all), but announced, "You've walked straight into my blog!"

One Thirty O'clock p.m.: A much smaller deliveryperson arrived bearing flowers. Now him I know well, and he's walked in my blog, Dear Reader, since the day he could toddle!

Three-thirty O'clock p.m.: Speaking of walking, I took a nice stroll with loved ones on this fabulous blue-sky day, the unfurling of which was warming the cockles of my (semi-bovine) heart!

Five Thirty O'clock p.m.: Later I walked in the city, when I went to First Friday with my yard man and two good friends.

Six O'clock p.m.: I had the good fortune to eat Italian soup at a sidewalk table.

Six Thirty O'clock p.m.: And then cupcakes at the school of art and design.

Seven O'clock p.m.: I ate two, I confess.

Eight O'clock p.m.: I dropped raffle tickets in pink bags, making a donation and hoping for an extension of my exceedingly good fortune.

Eight Thirty O'clock p.m.: I chatted on the sidewalk with friends and acquaintances, waited for a call from the new wine bar.

Nine O'clock p.m.: Saying "We've finally got a table for you!"

Nine Thirty O'clock: I can't say it wasn't a noisy place, but the wine had hints of blackberry and plum, and the blue-sky day ended well.

Ten O'clock p.m.: There were even balloons on the sidewalk.

*"You say it's your birthday
Well it's my birthday too, yeah. We're gonna have a good time
I'm glad it's your birthday. Happy Birthday to you!"


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