Thursday, October 13, 2011


DAY SEVEN. ON WHICH I ate the final two birthday cupcakes (pulled from the freezer where I'd stashed them five days ago when my daughter told me, "Here, you can have the rest of these cupcakes. Do you want me to ice them for you?" and I'd said, "No." (Though I'm not sure why).

At the rate of one per day, they've kept those birthday wishes alive!

I also ate a whole, startlingly large, breathtakingly red, singularly sweet bell pepper, presented to me by my yard man. That event was in the running f0r Highlight of Day Seven.

But then there was also Mozart's Unfinished Symphony playing on the car radio as I returned from a meeting with the Claims Adjustor at the (pardon my mournful sigh) moldy residence of my (understandably mold-averse) tenant. The C. A. did not appear to be a particularly friendly fellow (which perhaps is best for the insurance company, as he is the one who must deliver such statements as, "No, no. This outside work is simply maintenance! We cannot cover any of this outside work!") Even though Mozart may have dilly-dallied around (or perhaps he died?) and never got the job done, his music put me in such a mellow mood that I could imagine the mephitic mildewy mold marvelously...uh, mass murdered. Yes, Reader Dear...murdered without delay! I could imagine it!

What truly took the cake, however (and who really needs more cake when it is Day Seven?!) were the two friendly guys from the power-washing company who showed up to clean the kitchen porch, and walkways, and numerous other surfaces around this ancient property where my yard man tidies up the yard but never cleans the porch of its long-accumulated grime.

I have to say...hey, hey, hey!

That put a celebratory ribbon on my day!


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