Friday, October 21, 2011

And I did my best. It was the best I could do, considering the distractions. Right off the bat, there's that big-screen movie playing in the sky. Wow, that ever-changing panorama of clouds was so fascinating! Every few minutes I felt I had to record the show for you, Reader Dear. I'd veer off the road (or not), and snap a photo. At one point, I found a good place to park and sat there, simply watching.

I dug out my list and wrote: "Watch the sky."
And then...oh, comes my favorite radio interviewer on the car radio. She's laughing and telling me she used to sound like a feminist Minnie Mouse, and she's cracking up her interviewee, too, who himself is simply hilarious.

It's obvious I can't just get out of the car, and go on into the hardware store, let these two chatty folks go on being interesting and funny without me!

I had to pull out my list again; write: "Listen to Fresh Air"

I won't make a big to-do of it, but all things considered, I got a lot done. That is, Reader Dear, if you wish to count the smiling and laughing. Oh, and looky here,

I did record some sounds and sights for you, yes I did.

That wasn't on my list, either!


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