Sunday, October 30, 2011


YESTERDAY WE HAD THAT SIX INCHES of snow, which put a cold, colorless coating on the day! But in the evening--oh, my, in the evening, Dear Reader--what color!

What color and cheer and balloons and cake and devoted parents and doting grandparents* and other adoring fans, and presents to unwrap! A well-known celebrity is about to turn two, and the gala, star-studded party celebrating this event took place last night!
*even the international ones!

What a sugar high for the little celebrity!

What an Isn't-he-Adorable-my-Little-Actor high for me!

(Festivities resumed and continued throughout the day today, and will be reported on throughout the day tomorrow!)

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gyjb50 said...

Please pass along a Sweet Happy Birthday to your little actor. He definitely is adorable!