Tuesday, November 29, 2011

AND NOW IT'S BACK TO FULL- TIME REALITY for me, Reader Dear. Combined with the first whole day without the cheerful clatter of extra loved ones in the house is the dreary effect of weather that is darkly dense and gray.

So I broke two eggs into a skillet for lunch, and it was like looking at the sun with double vision. I felt that the spinach, onion and chopped red pepper provided a pleasing framework, and that lit up my day as well (really, Dear Reader, it takes so little on a day such as this).

Also breaking the gloom were the lights on the neighbors' many outdoor Christmas trees
(though I do prefer solar-powered cheer).

For supper my yard man and I ate the last of the leftover turkey out of the fridge,* prompting me to classify the meal as our Fifth and Final Feast of Thanksgiving.

*(Cranberry sauce, on the other hand, may still be gracing our meals as we dismantle the Christmas tree, [yet to be mantled!]).


Shirley said...

Again, splendid photography!

Anonymous said...

Your lunch looks DELICIOUS!What a fantastic thing to liven up a dreary day! It's amazing what little things can do sometimes.

KTdid said...

S, again--thanks! (I give credit to the eggs [which, snuggled there in the pan, looked sexy indeed])

And fromunder...yes, it WAS delicious, those eggs only two minutes in transit!