Friday, November 25, 2011

DAY follows day, and it is wonderful and awful at the same time. Wonderful, of course, in that the house teems with loved ones with whom I rarely get enough time. I'm continually grasping at minutes here and there in which to relax in the moment and forget entirely the fact that the next meal is always just a few hours away. (Giving you a big slab of a clue as to what may be awful about it). If it's not some other quotidian task, then food procurement, food preparation and food clean-up are forever grasping at me!
"I'm calling because I've got a mouse problem," said a tenant of mine today. "I caught one in a trap, and I need one of your maintenance workers to come and take it away. I absolutely cannot touch a dead animal!"
"Sorry, I don't have any maintenance workers that do that," I told her. "You should get some of those traps where the mouse goes inside and you never have to see or touch it."
"That's what I've got!" she said. "But I can't even touch that! I just can't do it! I really, really CANNOT touch dead animals! Do you know of anyone who could help me out?"
"Well," I said. "I guess I could do it myself. I will have to shriek and holler and shudder, but I should be able to do it."
When I called her back later, she informed me that her son-in-law had done the deed.
(Three cheers for the son-in-law!)

My yard man took his whole family (with the exception of his son-in-law, who went to work today--three cheers for the son-in-law!) to Green Dragon Farmer's Market. Fortunately, I was part of the entourage, as well as my two tiny actors. The weather was simply marvelous on this Black Friday afternoon...and the market-- oh my!
(There's too much to say,Reader Dear, so I don't think I'll try. The best I can do is promise a description by and by.)

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Shirley said...

How perfectly you've captured the dire pleasure of the holiday--and the sunny morning, the steaming mug.

Also, who else's landlady says she'll come over to handle the mouse corpse??

And is that C. by the arm of the sofa??

KTdid said...

Dear S. Thank you.
Yes, indeed, who else's?!!
And yes, on the right hand.

Jennifer Jo said...

What a gorgeous cup of steaming coffee! (Tea? Cocoa?)