Sunday, November 13, 2011


DEAR ME, DEAR READER. AFTER extolling the virtues of having access to my own, personal computer geek, and hopping up and down with glee over the (now obviously misconceived) notion that after one visit with him it would all be smooth sailing (aka blogging) from here on out, I'm suddenly brought up short. Well, what I mean to say is that the size of everything on the open computer screen was suddenly brought up short! And I mean short as in teensy- weensy-teeny-tiny-what-the-heck short! Ideal for a very small elf. Or a mouse. Printed up in newspaper form, even a praying mantis might find it quite manageable.

Here's what I said to myself when, without warning of any kind, there came the abrupt shrinkage... (Uh, on second thought, I shall only tell you what I attempted to do about the severely restricted dimensions) Enlarge the font!! I desperately tried to make the open box on the computer screen larger than the size of a credit card! I squinted, and worked for parts of two full days (well, the minutes were ticking past midnight).

And now this abrupt and sudden ending: Paul Bunyan came strolling into Lilliput!

( I was able to find "zoom in" Reader Dear).


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