Sunday, November 27, 2011

THE CARETAKERS OF MY SMALL ACTOR had to bid The Yard Man and me farewell this morning. They left behind a night light, a phone charger, a washcloth and a pair of socks...but, alas, they took the Small Actor with them.
They left while the day, very much like the small actor, was relatively young.

The weather being so ideal for a hike, my other small star-- the Little Actor, et al (all those of us who dote on him and were planning to come back from the hike and heat up the Thanksgiving Day leftovers for one more family feast) took ourselves to an ideal spot for such an endeavor....and took one!

It was lovely and free for the taking, and we took it with relish!
(Much like we took the repast that followed,
which we took with [cranberry] sauce, as well).

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