Wednesday, November 2, 2011


REMEMBER THAT ANACHRONISM, Dear Reader? That day from the dead of winter falling into our beautiful autumn? As I grumbled my way through Saturday's weather, I vowed that I would fully expect to have frigid air and snow every single day from that point forward until right through April thirtieth! Yes, indeed: SIX full months of winter! A full half-year of heavily falling cold snow!

I tried to make myself believe it, too. I didn't look up forecasts, and I turned off the radio if the announcers felt they simply had to inform me of upcoming weather.

I wished to go to bed each night thinking the next day would bring perhaps a foot of snow. At least a dusting! Because that way, you see, Reader Dear, every day that I wake to pleasant sunshine and relative warmth, I'll be simply ecstatic over the weather!
And...ah, ha! Every day since the big snow, the sun has risen in all its glory. And yesterday the temperature soared (well, in a normal-autumn way). So I went for a long walk in a goose-filled park.

The sun and the warm air, the dandelions and green grass. It was all quite glorious!*

I tried my very best to believe that the next day would bring wet snow.

*(Not so glorious, the goose droppings)

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