Wednesday, November 9, 2011



Today's weather was a direct invitation to congregate with friends and eat lunch, and chocolate, and chocolate, and chocolate (Yes, Dear Reader, we ate three distinctly different varieties. One might call it a salmagundi of chocolates!*)

*One of which was this extravagant chocolate artwork (a three-way share, lest you suspect overindulgence,** Reader Dear).

While partaking of the chocolate dessert, my friends and I spotted a blogger! (Well, you can't see it, but he's got a camera, and he's fiddling with it, setting it to record a scene). Of course, I've got no proof that he's a fellow blogger (and that's because I've got far too much decorum to ask outright. [Ahem]).

Following lunch and chocolate and chocolate, my friends and I wandered around the town, through a salmagundi of one-of-a-kind shops, where one can find so many creative works of art, and gifts, and clothing, and sometimes even a comfortably relaxed canine named Tetter. ("We named him that because when we were trying to come up with a name, we were tetter-tottering between several choices," his owner told me. [Dear Reader, she volunteered the information; I've got far too much restraint to have outright asked. [ Oh, indeed].)

Later in the day--the frabjous, sunny, sixty-seven-degree day--I had one more chocolate with my friends and then had to bid them farewell. After which I reveled no more in chocolate and friendship, but tried to immerse my spirit so fully in the autumn radiance that, should there be no more of such resplendent warmth until sometime next April, I will survive unscathed.


This involved a walk in my park.

Which ended much the same way as this salmagundi is ending--with a sunset to the west.

And a pie-shaped moon to the east.

**Absolutely the case!

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