Sunday, November 20, 2011

I AM BACK, READER DEAR, along with my yard man, from our almost-heaven West Virginia vacation of twenty-six hours. This faux-wordy post will tell of our trip to see our dear friends: in which we drove up mountains and down mountains and through mountains to their home in the mountains.

And then the stay with our angelic host and hostess (oh, the divine food [which included our first Thanksgiving meal of the season] and the sweetness of time spent with friends [which included a chance to meet Dave and Rhona (if the enemies of my enemies are my friends...then, great gabbing goodness, even more so are the friends of my friends!)])!

If your mouth is watering at the sight of this fabulous food--the roasted chicken in filling-stuffing-dressing; the melt-in-your-mouth sweet potatoes; the red-pepper-topped zucchini salad; the peaches-and- cherries fruity delight, keep in mind, Viewer Dear, you haven't even seen it all! There was homemade bread topped with homemade jam, and homegrown corn, and...well, what have I forgotten?! Oh, yes...there was PIE!

Should you happen to know this friend of mine who made this pie, Reader Dear, you would know it was likely to approach perfection. I'm here to tell you it stepped right over into "No crunchy-topped Wild Huckleberry-with-Cranberry pie could be better!"

And that's not all (that I have to say)!
(As you'll see tomorrow, Dear Reader, if you'll only come back for another look...

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Jennifer Jo said...

I just feasted on three (four?) of those fabulous pies of hers. The crumb toppings are to die for.