Monday, December 27, 2010



My yard man is a very large fan of building fires during winter holidays (hmm...thank goodness we have a fireplace!) He prides himself on placing the kindling and logs just so, such that a roaring fire is to be had at the drop of a match. And when that fire is burning like lords a'leapin', I must say, it definitely adds to the ambiance (not to mention the warmth) of the room.

Then, from time to time that fire-lovin' man throws open the front door and goes out to gather another armload of logs from the front porch. In the living room, where the Christmas bunch is sitting amidst a clutter of wrapping paper, boxes and bonhomie, there is a flood of crisp outdoor air--a wintry blast. The door slams shut, there's the loud thumping of logs dropped onto the flames, and the fire is imbued with fresh vigor--snapping and cracking and popping for all the world as though there were a contest going on.

Oh, all right, all right, (maybe there is). Let's see......I'd say: Definitely a spot with the runners-up.
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