Friday, December 31, 2010


IF YOU WERE TO WISH ME A HAPPY New Year's Eve, Reader Dear, you might just as well word it thus: Happy Carrying on of Traditions! Happy Eating of spiced-up stew, and hummus, and shrimp, and tender-crunchy fresh celery, and chocolates, and exotic other treats and...yeah...and more! Happy laughing and talking with friends! Happy Domino-playing...may the women win!

My yard man and I have such a good time with our very dear friends! No one gets drunk, but one--or more--are guaranteed to get silly or sassy or sensationally stupid (Aha! On this very last night of 2010, the women won the game in spite of all that).

With this crowd, enthusiasm drops off abruptly, I'm afraid,
when the clock ticks past midnight; it's rather pathetic.
I don't wish to put anyone to shame, of course, so keep it hush-hush
if you would, Reader Dear, how I'm bellowing and cheering and cavorting around
as I exuberantly wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!



gyjb50 said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, Kathy!

Anonymous said...

I spy a recognizable cabeza behind the dominoes tower.


KTdid said...

No doubt, sk. You are astute!