Tuesday, January 31, 2012


WINTER WARMTH! It was quite wonderful to hear the radio announcers warbling about the high temperatures expected today in my area. It was even more enjoyable to bask in the balminess!
But alas for a good friend of mine who was having oral surgery today, trapped inside the surgeon's office for hours and hours! I was free to do as I pleased, waiting to drive the woozy woman home. Since it was difficult to determine the exact time she'd be ready to weave her way out to my car, I asked the doctor's receptionist to call me, and drove to a nearby shopping center to wait. It was there I hit on a great idea--I'd let the sidewalk take me where it would!

While it may not have been a walk in the woods, I did get to see some creatures in their natural habitat, busily working to feed their offspring (just as when spying on wildlife, I'm making some assumptions here, Reader Dear).

And what do you know, I even had the chance to climb a snowy mountain or two!

(Oh, calm down, Dear Reader...I only said I had the chance! I was enjoying the amiability of the weather too much to want to re-don my jacket and take off up a cold, snowy mountain!)


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