Wednesday, January 11, 2012


POWERFUL PAPER WHITES (still pushing upward)!

I went to the mall today to get a SIM card. My little black flip-phone had been misbehaving quite badly. Now it was telling me "insert SIM card" and refusing to cooperate entirely.

When I got to the T-Mobile kiosk, there were three young males working there. One of them looked at my phone and guffawed. "Man, this phone is so old! I'll bet Jesus used this phone!"*

I was so amused, I bought a new phone.

It took more than an hour to get that phone,
but part of the time
I was car-racing.**

*"Please repeat that for the camera," I begged.
("I'm camera-shy," he said, but another guy obliged.)

**Suddenly I was in the driver's seat with no
instructions! (Yes, indeed, they handed me the controls and then watched me tear up the road!)

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