Sunday, January 29, 2012


NEW MOVIE, coming (very) soon to a (more-or-less) tiny screen near you, Viewer Dear:
"Get in the Front Seat, Baby Artie!"

(Reel One)

(Reel Tw0)

Because my Small Actor is in the area for
a few days, and my Little Actor was on the scene
as well, I was able to produce this movie starring both--
post-dinner, with an under-table setting.


Shirley said...

And the adults go on complacently murmuring, deaf to the astounding subterranean antics.

(To the Reader Dear who gets only sporadic glimpses, infants' developmental progression is exactly that--awesome.)

KTdid said...

Ah, so true, so true! And few "unfoldings" are more fascinating!