Saturday, January 14, 2012


PART III of the 96th FARM SHOW.

You want funny? You say you want funny?! Blaaaaah!!!
This sheep took the official Farm Show Prize for Humor (given out by yours truly, Viewer Dear, with a few fellow judges.)

(My) Top Award for Live Demonstration: "How I Lost My Favorite Wool Coat," also went to a sheep.

It was right there in the Ovine Hall that the yard man suddenly got hungry.

So we joined the mobs of Homo sapiens headed for the Homo sapiens-style food, grown and raised and served up by Pennsylvania Homo-sapiens farmers, those apple-growers and mushroom growers, and Porcine farmers and Bovine farmers and...well, I can't name them all, and the only ones I really care about while at the farm show are the ones who grow the Pennsylvania potatoes for those mmm-can't-help-myself-have-to-eat-three-right-off-the-bat-in-one-big-gustatorial- imprudence-of-powdered potato doughnuts! (Not surprisingly, I chose them as my Best of Show Food, and the Little Actor backed my decision. "More?" he said, after a test sample, "More! More!")

Potatoes are served up in other forms, too, of course, and I'm awed by the speed of production.
I'm awed, as well, by the number of parts to this Farm Show extravaganza posting. Come back once more, Viewer Dear, if you wish. (What garners our attention in the final phase of our visit is what the Little Actor's been begging to see since we walked in the doors of the 96th show buildings!)

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