Friday, January 13, 2012



Hurray for the bunnies--so soft and quiet (and longsuffering), and even their appendages are cute! Which can't quite be said of the cows, though they're mostly gentle creatures (and they've got their endearing qualities, fully realized in that mountain of whipped cream you had on your pumpkin pie last week, Reader Dear [hmm...not to mention...well, we both know there's far too many things to mention!])

Far too many animals to show you, as well!

"Oh! Look at this little horse! You're going to want one of these pretty soon!" exclaimed my yard man to the Little Actor excitedly. It was the only horse we saw at the show, since those big draft horses that the yard man favors (well, it's putting it mildly to say he "favors" them--my goodness, more accurate would be to say he owns a bunch, buys them, sells them, feeds them, breeds them, trucks them here and there, trains them to work in a pair (or three or four [or more (ever hear of a seven-horse hitch, Reader Dear?)]) the draft horses were here at the show earlier in the week, but a few days ago (the yard man explains) those equine had to go home to make room for the bovine.

I'm happy to say there were plenty of ovine and caprine!*

So many that I'll have to come baaaaack* tomorrow,
Viewer Dear, to show you more...

*(It's true, I confess--I looked it up, that word for the goats)

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