Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I'VE GOT THE JANUARY BLAHS. Which makes it quite a feat that this afternoon I was able to deny the denuded Christmas tree further latitude in the living room, pack up the angelic angels and the decorative decorations, count the hundreds-yea-thousands of needless needles on the floor (or, at least sweep them out the door), and then...then...take four loops at the park (in the semi-dark).

4:52 pm

5:02 pm

5:12 pm

5:22 pm

5:32 pm: My cheeks cold, my eyes straining in the dark to see if my fellow walker, the one with two dogs, is still there. She disappears into the shadows as I'm watching. Before I myself disappear, I climb into my car and drive home.

With that walk, I was able to banish the bane of the blahs ( now I'm saying hurrahs)!


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