Sunday, January 15, 2012


PART IV of the 96th FARM SHOW.

"Tractors? Tractors? Go see tractors?!" All through the buildings filled with roosters crowing and sheep bleating and various and sundry other animals providing entertainment and amusement, the Little Actor was begging for big equipment. Just beyond the food court, he spotted the broad array of enormous, brightly colored toys for farmers and his eyes lit up like a kid in Wonderland!

The only quandary: Which toy to climb aboard first?!

For the Little Actor, this half hour spent with the stuff of his dreams was the Grand Finale to the 96th Annual Pennsylvania State Farm Show! (He did not wish to leave, subtly demonstrated by jumping up and down and emphatically crying, "No! No! Wanna play!"

[Can you blame him, Dear Viewer? It will be nearly half a lifetime before he gets the marvelous experience of doing this all again!)


Dave said...

I'd have have taken him downstairs for you! Just so I would have had time for the best Turkey Corn Soup.

KTdid said...

Oh, Turkey Corn Soup! I should have had some!

KTdid said...

And thanks for your comment, Dave!
(Yummy, yummy, comments, better than farm show doughnuts)