Monday, January 16, 2012


THOSE PREGNANT PAPER-WHITES started pushing (outward) just about a week ago.

And now they are blooming profusely. But there is more to these charmingly-clustered fragile flowers than meets the eye, Viewer Dear. And that is, to put it delicately, what meets the nose!

The first evening that the Paper Whites had started to crown, my yard man sat down to the table to eat his supper; he studied the food on the table, and he said, "What's that weird smell?!" I'd been pondering the very same question while I cooked those crab cakes for the man, and roasted the sweet potatoes. Searching for the source, I'd even eyed the recycle bin and slightly rummaged through the trash. But just at that moment I happened to glance at the Paper Whites.
I said. "It's the Paper Whites!"
"The what?"
asked the yard man.
"These flowers right here!"
I responded. "Look, they're starting to bloom!" (I was excited) "They'll be very pretty, but they stink."

And so they do!!

(Their malodorous scent so powerfully fills the kitchen, Dear Reader, every day I am determined to cast them into the outer cold. Thus far their beauty has saved them!)

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