Tuesday, July 12, 2011


DID SOMEONE SHOUT "FIRE!" in an uncrowded park?!

Today I set out to take my arm-swinging walk (Yes, Dear Reader, I've been quietly walking those loops about every evening since summer began. [I know, I can hardly believe it, myself--I haven't said a word! Well, mostly it's because it's been so uneventful there at the park. I mean, they did away with the pond; Mr. Bullfrog had to move. And then they put up more housing for birds; some discrimination going on there, I'd say.

But mostly it's been just the same old creek flowing along, green grass growing, and American flag fluttering on its flagpole. I meet and greet a few dogs and their owners, but other than the two young boys with their BB guns, and my admonition to them to use caution--I wished to keep both my eyes, I've had no contacts about which to regale you.

Thus my instant attention at the sight of snow in the middle of summer! [Had I not arrived when I did, I'd have looked at that fire-fighting foam on the ground and suspected some pretty large snafu had occurred with the weather!)

By the time I arrived, the swarm of firefighters
was spraying only water; but it was fine
entertainment, the likes of which Mr. Bullfrog
never managed to provide (bless his heart
for trying).

As I was finishing up the second of my four
loops, all the firefighters clambered aboard
their trucks and exited the park with red
lights flashing.

That's when I noticed one more truly
unusual occurrence for this prim and proper
little park: The port-a-potty that generally stands
in a corner of the parking lot was now lying in a corner of the lot!

I left in a hurry, Reader Dear, a bit as though someone had shouted "Fire!" in a crowded theater. Because--while it was a rather pleasant thought to imagine snow in July--well, ugh! I can't say the same for letting my imagination run wild around that potty!



Anonymous said...

Here is the 2nd moment I have encountered your web sites in the last couple weeks. Seems like I ought to bookmark it.

KTdid said...

Well, Anony, it seems like fate!
I'd be honored. Plus, comments make the world go round (my world!), so if you're up for leaving a comment or two, hip hip hooray!