Friday, July 8, 2011


AH, ME...I HOPE YOU WERE NOT TOSSING and turning last night (and the night before), Reader Dear, consumed by curiosity! And it's my wish, the days did not find you unable to concentrate! I scurried back here as soon as I could to give you the climactic conclusion; shriek coming up!

The installation of the new garage door took place:

with much noise, but not a lot of to-do. The installer handed me the new keys,
two little gold ones on a thin wire loop.

That thin wire loop with the little gold keys went immediately onto my big wire loop with my humongous wad of keys (a landlord's burden to bear). Then, oh, wow...I could operate that garage door by myself! I raised and lowered it several times just for the novelty of it! (Don't roll your eyes, Reader Dear, at home I've been sans-garage nearly all of my life!) Next I pondered the pile of items that still littered the interior of that garage. That Yard Man and Linus had roared away in the truck just prior to the doorman's arrival. They took a big load of things. But left behind was everything deemed worthless. Junk. Salvage.

I wondered around, hoping The Yard Man would show up again; then, voila! who materialized but the plumber who hoped to utilize this semi-empty space. "I'll take care of all this," he told me, surveying the debris. "I'll do it tomorrow." He was eager to take up occupancy!

"Fabulous!" I said. "I'll leave it unlocked. I'll stop by tomorrow."

Now, Dear Reader, forgive me as I hop to Act two, in which I'm preparing to hop into bed. As I'm undressing, I hear the small "ping" of something hitting the floor. When I look, I find a thin metal loop. It's--ah, me--it's the loop that held the garage keys! My heart does a little loop-de-loop. Heavens, what happened to the garage keys?!

Now, Dear Reader, forgive me as I leave you dangling a second time! (Be glad, after all, you're not dangling on a thin wire loop!!) This is distressing me; but I promise you (as I told the plumber), I'll stop by tomorrow.
Truly I will! And you'll hear me shriek!*

(*Phooey. I can hear you thinking it already...!
But no, Reader Dear. The key to my shrieking does
not involve keys. Nope. Nyet. It does not!)

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