Saturday, July 2, 2011



In truth, you really don't have to know a thing about draft horses in order to appreciate Horse Progress Days, Reader Dear. The whole idea of the event is to demonstrate all the new equipment that's been invented during the previous year for use with the horses; and watching these big steeds in action is pretty amazing.

But...oh, my goodness...watching all the horse-watchers is what had me enthralled!

Far more than half of the folks showing up for these activities are Amish, and there is just something so doggone cute about little Amish boys all dressed in their look-alike straw hats and suspenders.

Put them behind a miniature horse, and it's guaranteed to tickle your fancy, Reader Dear!
(I'm only assuming your fancy's a bit like mine; if I'm correct, it just means you're going to be seeing these next few photos and wishing that you could have been at Horse Progress Days... watch for yourself the horse watchers. And even to watch the watchers like me, who were watching both the watchers and the watched!

Of course, besides horses and horse equipment, there were throngs of vendors at this event, as well. So if all you wished to do was peruse the tents filled with goods and foods, it'd be worth your while. (Why, I ask myself, why did I not take a photo of the "fry pie" assembly line [the row of Amish women constructing fruit-filled pastries, deep-frying and glazing them]?! At the very least I could have shown you a specific blueberry one before I ate it). Alas, you missed all that, dear reader of mine.

Which convinces me that you really should bestir yourself and come have a look of your own when next you hear of Horse Progress Days!*

*(Stay away, however, if great crowds give you the willies. My yard man returned from Day Two this evening, completely bushed. "Counting both days," he said, "we had twenty-one thousand people!"**)

**If you think that's something, Reader Dear, he also gave me this mind-boggling number: Six-hundred and fifty buggies on Day Two alone. And each with a creature to pull it!
Now that's what I'd call horses progressing!


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