Friday, July 29, 2011


It rained.
I mean it, Dear Reader; after all this long time, it finally rained!
Water was making all kinds of beautiful music as it hit the pavement,
gurgled over the clogged gutter spouts, fell with zeal against the leaves of the trees, and the parched and waiting lawn. It was dark outside, but I heard the symphony. So I went out to the front porch and stood there for quite a while, reveling in the fact that the rain was coming down with such vigor.

The neighbors have lights at the entrance to their driveway; they lit up the wet roadway, making it possible for me to watch the rain as it did its furious tap dance.
It would be so lovely to say that I danced and frolicked, myself.
I wish I could tell you, Reader Dear, that I stripped off my clothes
and ran out into the glorious downpour, throwing out my arms
and turning my face to the wet night sky.
Had I even slipped off my sandals and
ventured off the porch with my
garments about me,
that would be
to say.

But I just came inside.
And this is what I have
to tell you:

It rained!*


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