Sunday, July 17, 2011



Another Sunday evening--
another concert in the park.

At which, The Yard Man and I were joined by
a friend;

and she, in turn, (when we went to get ourselves
some edibles), was joined by
a butterfly!

The butterfly was the first to leave.
Then, as the concert seemed to be winding down,
our friend also left for home.

That's when The Yard Man and I went down
to the stage and danced through quite a few
encores with the sizable crowd that had congregated

Even when the band quit playing, our evening
was not quite over. Back at the car, we
reconnected with the couple to whom we'd loaned lawn
chairs. Though perfect strangers when they parked
next to us upon arriving, I could write you, Dear Reader,
a handy little non-fiction paperback featuring
Jack and Theresa,* (who are tourists in the area just now)
since our twenty minute chat before leaving!

The rotund moon overhead was waning on us
as we drove home.

Long live summer!!

He likes to "eat healthy." She loves all the Amish food in
the area! She was born and bred in Brooklyn. Oh, my
gosh! Her grandfather had a house between Sixth and
Seventh (and my sister lives on First)! But Jack grew up in
New Jersey. He's a farm boy....*
Okay, okay, I said I could write a book, but that doesn't mean I want to.

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