Monday, July 4, 2011



Though not quite as loud as the third, and a little less spectacular, the celebration today was not shabby!
My yard man and I enjoyed another cookout. I stuffed some eggs with that devilish concoction again, and off we went.

Our afternoon was filled with yummy food, visiting, and lots of cute children.

Later in the day our agenda once again included yummy food, visiting... and one cute child--this child actually being not only cute, but smart, well-behaved, creative, funny (in the ha-ha, adorable way, of course), well-adjusted, sweet....(I could say more), and an amazing little actor, to boot! (Is it really necessary to tell you, Reader Dear, it was the Little Actor, himself?! [Rhetorical question, you don't need to shake your head, no]). He was accompanied by his usual caretakers and two guests, making for a delightful group of seven.

And then, my goodness, as we finished up our meal, the sky was lit up with one great big firework!

Later on I did get a front-row (er, front porch) seat to
some more of the noisy kind, too. It was almost
the end of the Fourth. That yard man was already in bed
by the time the neighbors across the street started their cracking
and popping.

Up the street, our Hollering Neighbor thought
to wake his wife--
"Look out yer window, Honey!"

But I always think it best to let sleeping spouses lie!

And how was your Fourth, Reader Dear?
(If you don't wish to answer, you may stand on the Fifth)


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