Saturday, July 16, 2011



WELL, DEAR READER; I'm wondering if I'll ever post again.
Will I ever tell you about my daughter's birthday celebration on Wednesday evening?

Or exclaim about charming (and darling) little Marina, with whom I spent the afternoon today, jaunting around to thrift shops? (Her mama led the expedition, and my daughter was the member of the party who was the birthday recipient).

And I'm curious about this, Reader Dear: Will I ever lay out
my childhood art for your inspection, as I quasi-promised?
(I've got so much to show you!)

And how about the Chocolate Mint that's causing
my heart to go pit-a-pat! Will I give you a descriptive taste of the heavenly drink I brewed?

I'm taking a great big sigh. All I can tell you is:
The answer is anybody's guess, Reader Dear.
Anybody's guess!
Care to?

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