Friday, July 22, 2011


I HAVE A FRIEND who invited me to go on a staycation-daycation with her. (She didn't call it that; it's strictly my slightly cheesy description for spending a delightful five hours popping into one air-conditioned shop after another in the small town of Lititz [this town being a mere four miles from my front door]).

We set out on this venture at this sizzling time (hottest day since Summer in the City [back of my neck gettin' dirty and gritty*]) and we stayed cool, and certainly did not waste the day!

There were antique shops,
and scented soaps-and-candles gift shops,
and jewelry-and-antiques gift shops,
and scented soaps-and-fabrics gift shops,
and kitchen gifts-and-scented body lotion shops,
and baby gifts-and-scented soy candles shops,
and clothing-and-bags-and-antiques shops.

I took lots of photos in one particular shop; there was an old woman there bundled up in a heavy black coat (and on such a frightfully hot day!) The coat and the purse she carried were both antiques (and she, herself, very nearly!) I must say, it was rather embarrassing for me, the way my friend giggled at this poor dear. Can you believe it, she even took a picture, then burst out laughing!

But then we moved on to another cool shop, and we saw this piece of wall decor:

We complimented the store owner, and discovered it was her own handiwork. So now my friend and I are determined to take a staycation-daycation-art-creation at some point (strictly my description; her words were: "Hey, we oughta be able to make something like that!")

It was a very cool day we had, this hottest day since Sunny Afternoon (in a summertime, in a summertime.....*)

*Yes, Dear Reader, haven't had a day
this steamy hot since 1966!


Anonymous said...

What a precious little lady!


KTdid said...

She seemed nice, but a bit odd.