Tuesday, March 1, 2011


A LAMB! IT'S A LAMB! Of course, that means March is going to go growling and tossing its mane when the time comes for it to say goodbye. But that's okay (by me)...for now, it's wooly-coated.

There was something about the piece of music that was playing on the car radio, and the fact that the sun was shining as though spring were crouching ready to spring--I unexpectedly pulled into the park, hopped out and took a walk. It was my first time back since the trees were dropping their britches...oops, I mean their leaves.

It felt fantastic to be striding along on the straight and narrow again,
although there were soggy places to remind me life is not an easy trail, even when I'm doing what I know I should do.

Just to reinforce that idea, a tree had thrown itself across the path. I had to crawl under.

But then, on the other side,
there was smooth sailing.

and birds were singing and little Amish children were making their way home from school.

It seemed to be the UN-BLEAKING of winter.

It worked for me!


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