Thursday, March 31, 2011


When last you saw me, Dear Reader, I had my face pressed against the glass entrance door of the Dodson Bros. Exterminating Company in Richmond, Virginia, with eleven question marks in the form of undecipherable bug-like dots wrapped up in a trash can liner inside my purse.

My Yard Man was beside me as I moaned, "Oh, no! I can't believe it-- there's no one here! NOW whaddle we do?!"

That's when he, too, tried the door and found it locked, then leaned in for a face-smooshing look-see, as well. "Hey, there IS someone here! It's the really dark glass..." he exclaimed. And when I looked again, sure enough--I could see a shadowy figure approaching the door.

Oh! Reader Dear, the sound of that bolt snapping back in the lock gave me hope for yet more good fortune! The Yard Man and I were ushered into a warmly-lit, wood-paneled office, where it seemed that all occupants had been waiting-- just waiting for our arrival! At least the two women, and the man who walked in from a back room, greeted us in a friendly and interested way. What could they do for us?!

"Well," I said, hoping this wasn't going to sound too silly, "I don't know if this is something you can help us with, but we're from out-of-town, and we spent the night in a motel...these little black things...blah, blah, blah...brand new grandson...blah, blah... (I'm afraid, Dear Reader, that I went into far more detail than that Yard Man would've, but he prefers that I play the fool if there's a scintilla of a chance there will be one!)

Whatever Dodson brother it was who looked down from his portrait on the wall, these employees did him proud!
No one laughed at our bug bugaboo, or scoffed when I opened the paper. "We'll get you our bedbug specialist," they said. " She just happens to be here, and she knows all there is to be known about bedbugs!"

And sure enough--when she entered the room with a big smile, her long dark hair neatly braided in a ponytail, she did appear to be an expert. Everyone in the office was curious to hear her verdict.

She put her hand-held microscope to work, and did some serious scrutinizing. (Ah, ha! She didn't slough them off as a silly fear--"You thought THESE were bedbugs?! Ha-ha.")
Of course, then, Reader Dear...I was nervous!

Oooohh, n-n-nervous. Come back tomorrow;
It's a little hard to talk right now--I'm holding my breath!

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