Wednesday, March 23, 2011


REMEMBER THAT MANIACAL LAUGH, Dear Reader!? It's still reverberating inside my head! Yes, yes...all these days later!! From the time I lifted my bleary-eyed noggin off the pillow on the morning after St. Patrick's Day (and that was very early, I might add, as two of the big white trucks [which, in the full light of day, reminded me not at all of any equine creature, but looked ever so much like great big toys for men] arrived to perform total replacement surgery on one telephone pole, and a backbone alignment on another)...

...uh...from then until now (the most dreary of spring days--with signs of the aftermath looking dismal indeed in the cold gray rain), I've been suffering from Chainsautinnitus. It's a medical term for a condition that develops after: Being awakened four days running by the sound of a chain saw, followed by the intermittent sound of one or more of these beastly things ringing in one's ears for long portions of time throughout consecutive days.

This illness, I'm suspecting, can at times lead rather rapidly to a condition know as Insanity (I believe it's called). There are no known remedies for Chainsautinnitus, but I did my best to alleviate it by playing CDs at top volume, eating a lot of chocolate, and writing my will. (No, no, Reader Dear, I'm only kidding about that! The disease is rarely known to be fatal!)

Of course, while I was suffering from the sound of the chain saw, that yard man of mine had his work cut out for him! He had some of it cut up for him, it's true. But what a job awaited! Good thing he's a yard man and loves a challenge! Super good thing he didn't have surgery on the very day of the downfall!

He leaped into action....


...hour after hour,
day after day.

That's not to say
he didn't have a
little help with
the work!

but a good bit was done
by the yard man himself.
And he only grumbled,
Reader Dear, on the
rainy days! Geez, I
can't get anything
done when the
weather's like

I'm thinking--
any way you look at
it, this is one great
yard guy!

As for me--chances look good
I'll soon be over the weird
(and fortunately rare)
disease I've got.

This aftermath--
along with the laugh--
is being put in its place!

If I have my way, it will soon be burning in...

a fireplace,
of course!



gyjb50 said...

I've enjoyed reading your mini-series and the photo of your little helper. You've been keeping the utility companies busy lately.

KTdid said...

Oh, you are so right, gyjb50, what with those power surges, and now this!(I'm wondering what more could befall us electric-supply-wise, but I don't really want to find out!)