Sunday, March 20, 2011


TWO MIRACLES TODAY--TWO FABULOUS ARRIVALS!! I can hardly contain myself, Dear Reader! Of course, one of these miracles has been coming along since time immemorial, or at least since Galileo--or whoever the heck it was that named the Vernal Equinox (I don't claim to know). Hundreds or thousands or who knows how many years ago (I don't claim to know that either, Reader Dear) folks knew this one miracle would be occurring on this very day, if the earth still stood!

Yes, springtime arrived in all its glory today! And--as much as I welcomed this new season (I've been longing, yearning, pining for it!)--it was definitely not the pending heart-fluttering arrival that had the yard man and me on the edge of our seats for the past thirty-four and a half hours (or pacing by the phone, or wringing our hands, or saying to each other, "Surely, surely, we'll hear the good news soon!")

No, this little miracle was much more fantastic! This little miracle's name is ARTHUR QUINN, and he came weighing nine pounds and one ounce, can you believe? Such a bouncing big baby boy! The son of the son of the son of my cute little mother-in-law! (Uh, you able to follow that line of tracks, Reader Dear? A brand new grandson for me!!) It pains me so not to see the new celebrity in person, not to have any photos to show you.

But just stay tuned, Dear Reader! When I can finally make that trip to Richmond, Virginia, I'll be able to see him, and you will, too--my fantastic miracle who lit up the world before the sun did this morning!


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