Wednesday, February 23, 2011


HERE, DEAR READER, is the whole backlog...log, branches, twigs. I can't seem to move ahead until I've unloaded it, and I certainly don't want a logjam.
As you can see, the Little Actor has made great tottery strides.
This director is getting excited about the advances he's made in dialoguing, as well!


And then, there's the upcoming arrival of another performer!

The weekend prior to this one just past (during the era of Technical Malfunction), the yard man and I took ourselves to the not-so-deep South, where we checked out all the accommodations being prepared for this new little celebrity! His father had prepped the nursery walls, his mother had brought home a stash of gifts and balloons from her co-workers.

His expectant grandpapa and grandmama were like groupies, just hanging around the stage in anticipation before the star himself shows up.

Seeing as how it was the day before that most amorous, romantic, chocolate-eating day of St. Valentine, we did a little shopping in The Fan. (Eyebrows up? Do you have a little question, Reader Dear? I won't leave you wondering--The Fan is a section of the city where 'hip' meets 'class' in Richmond, Virginia. Uh-huh.)

And there's just no way for me not to give you the full result of my camera-snapping, glee-tapping, adulation-yapping tour through this one particular store in The Fan:
(I'd venture to say that in this one particular store, 'hip' might also meet 'expansion'!)

The place was stockpiled with so many potential expressions of love and crowded with so many people hoping to express love that the check-out line stretched the length of the store.


Of course, there were lots of other shops with merchants who hoped to be blessed by St. Valentine,

and on the sidewalks, performers just hoping to be blessed by a little cash.

(Whew. I'm still at it...
a lot more branches and twigs
here than I remembered!)


Back soon.


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