Thursday, February 24, 2011



IN THE FAN, where St. Valentine is prompting the masses to prepare for tomorrow, and sidewalk performers are enhancing the mood as they go along.

my yard man, our son and I--go right along, ourselves, until we come to a greener part of the city. It's an historical mansion, actually...with its acres of lawn and its magnolia trees and southern pines and...ahhh...its budding trees!

We saw one ancient evergreen that was likely here before your great-great-great-grandparents walked the earth, Dear Reader (all thirty-two of them [who little knew they'd have you in common!]

Nor did they dream
how few solutions there
would ever be to That Vexed Question
[the sixteen of them who may have given it a thought]!)

As for me, Dear Reader, what I'm pondering right now is how many more posts I will need in order to put up the signs that read: "BACKLOG UNLOAD COMPLETE!" "NOW PRESENT TENSE!" I'm certain it will take at least two more just to get me home from Richmond, Virginia--the yard man playing chauffeur, auto repairman, and disc jockey, too. Stay tuned!



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