Saturday, February 26, 2011


DEAR READER, I'M IN A QUANDARY...THINGS ARE HEAPING UP. There's no time like the present to talk about the present, I know (and I learned to prune fruit trees today, and other fine stuff!); but I've still got those old cassette tapes...

There was this one song we couldn't get enough of--kept backing up the tape and playing it again and again, until that chauffeuring yard man of mine was lustily singing along. And soon after that--whaddaya know--we did cross over the river! But don't get excited, Reader Dear; on the other side there were no angels flying with glorious ease.


Turns out it was just the Potomac we'd crossed, and we were on the Maryland side--still plenty of misery and temptation to be had in Maryland, for sure.

I'm tempted to keep on giving you music from the tapes.
If it makes you miserable, try resting in the shade of a tree.


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