Monday, February 21, 2011


BACKWARDS IN TIME: It was a fruitful Saturday, this past one.
I spent time in the procuring of fruit, followed by washing, peeling, cutting up, packing, transporting and piling onto a platter...

at the home of a woman who will soon share something quite wonderful in common with me. Whether to call it a title, a state of being--it's a bit of a quandary . It's actually someONE we will have in common--a tiny, new someone.

Go right ahead, Dear Reader, use that magnifying glass and the clue-sniffing dog!

The trail should lead you right into a room full of chattering women and a great pile of gifts, all of which will be worn or otherwise put to good use by the baby who'll be the son of my son and his wife!

Yep! The yard man and I (both grinning ear-to-ear) are about to be grandparents to a second grandson!

Whew. I'm glad that trail was an easy one to follow,
Reader Dear. It sure was an exciting path thus far for
the yard man and me. And you can know, of course, I won't leave you out of earshot and looking the other way as we reach big milestones ahead!


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