Monday, February 28, 2011


OKAY, I MUST CALL IT QUITS for the box of cassette tapes, though I may have to sneak back again at a later date, Dear Listener, and play the one with the Swiss music for might be interested in another one, too--an oral letter. There's also the Irish music...and...ah, dear me, moving along....

Two days ago was Saturday, and on my calendar I had this written: "Landis Valley Workshop--10:00. Take lunch."

So I tossed an apple, a vanilla yogurt, a baggieful of taco chips and a baggieful of grapes into one of those insulated bags that I happened to have, and I set out for Landis Valley Farm Museum.
There was bright sunshine, and it seemed a very good day to learn about plant propagation and how to prune fruit trees.

(At this point, Dear Reader, I scampered off to find the camera media card with all the photos I took--lots and lots, of course, because it was an interesting five hours that I spent at the museum--running into a dear old cousin and his wife, "emphasis on the dear; old just meaning we've both been around a long time). And then attending the workshops with a friend who's got way more fruit trees than I do!
Feeling a bit like a first grader--planting seeds in potting soil [hey, but what fun!] in the sunny greenhouse.

Afternoon of watching two experts give instructions in just which branches to cut, and how to cut them, and why it's important to do so [as my heart sinks; I'm sure my poor little fruit trees are bravely enduring their crowded limbs, but, suffering! And the worst of it is----)

I CAN'T FIND THE MEDIA CARD! (I'm howling, because now I'm suffering!) You see, I made lots of short little video clips of those experts' wisecracks and their detailed tutelage. In part it was to give you a taste (You see, I'm always thinking of you, Reader Dear!) But a good bit was for my own advantage--like when I finally get to the job of attempting to prune my trees and am thinking, hmm, and then, hmmm? and have nothing but question marks dancing in my head.

Well, life is just full of trees that don't get pruned, and photos that get lost, and stars falling from the sky (you know, metaphorically speaking, if not in reality)...yes, it is. But it's also got bright sunshine and goofy wisecracks now and then!


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