Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I'VE MADE THE ACQUAINTANCE OF A NEW V.I.P! Oh, I was star-struck to meet him! It had seemed a long wait, but yesterday we finally shook hands! He gazed at me intently as I rubbed his head and examined his feet. (It's my typical celebrity greeting, Dear Reader--when I'm a privileged fan!) I babbled and gushed and effused and enthused...and he looked calmly on.

I immediately wanted to speed a new movie into production, and give him a starring role. "I'm sure you can do it," I whispered. "I'm looking for a cherubic infant, darling and adorable. Actually, you have lots of leeway in the role. Just be yourself and you'll far exceed all expectations!"

(Dear Reader, he did so well that I made loads of movies...sequel after sequel. I'm sincerely regretting the fact that distance will limit me from featuring him as often as I'd like in the future. Yes, indeed, he's a movie-maker's dream! (A grandmother's, as well!)


Anonymous said...

The DNA is obvious. Such a sweetie! Did you take along collards and old-fashioned apple cobbler?


Anonymous said...

Aha, I see great potential for Arthur Quinn to be a star!!


Anonymous said...

This is very inspiring work you have created for us. Some people need to know that these things can ensue to anyone. You have shown me a better view now.
I also strongly recommend to watch Arthur online, it's awesome movie, rating A+

KTdid said...

Competition for MY movie-making?
OH--I just watched it. How very eye-opening! This is just too funny!
Thank you, Anony.


Anonymous said...

great blog If you are the type to update your blog regulary, then you have gained one daily reader in me today. keep up the super work.

KTdid said...

Why, thank you, Anony! I strive for comments, yearn for comments, adore comments! I believe, however, that yours is not authentic. If so, could you throw some initials on there and comment again?