Thursday, March 3, 2011


I DID NOT GET TO FILM THE LITTLE ACTOR with his great-grandmother yesterday; but tonight, when the yard man and I had the high honor of keeping company with the little celebrity while his usual caretakers went out for the evening, he agreed to let me go into production mode almost immediately. The outcome--our latest joint movie (a trilogy):
Grandfather Laughs.
(And what a coup for this producer-director, the role of grandfather was played by the Little Actor's actual grandpoppy!)

Part I--Grandfather Laughs

Part II--Grandfather is Highly Amused and
is Certain His Small Grandson is the Most
Clever Little Man Around

Part III--Oh, Those Goodnight Stories! The
Foot-High Stack of Books, and Grandmother's
Question and Grandfather's Answer: Well, He
Me All These Books to Read--
He Just Kept Handing Me More and More
of Them!

(While it's true the movies' titles are rather lengthy,
I'm hopeful that will not be a deterrent when under
consideration for next year's Oscars.)

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