Wednesday, March 2, 2011


TODAY I GATHERED UP A STACK OF MAGAZINES. A SMALL ITEM FELL TO THE FLOOR. It was a media card. Well, well...I had suspected, Reader Dear, that I would find these photos of the gardening workshop eventually. It's just that I had searched high and low! Turns out I hadn't searched in the middle (not in the middle of the magazines, anyway). So here you have the real picture:


and this:

And, sorry-I-missed-the-wisecracks, this:

That's probably enough to give you a good idea of how I spent
my day on Saturday.

However, I have nothing to show you of today's excursion--
a trip with my yard man, the Little Actor, and his mama
to see the Little Actor's great-grandmama.

You see, worse than losing the media card is losing the camera.
Although I didn't really lose it--I just neglected to take it along
on the forty-five minute journey to the nursing home, where my cute
little mother-in-law is so happy to see us.

She demonstrates for us how even losing the camera would be nothing compared to losing
one's memory...though she does still remember her son. Before she soon forgets, she is delighted to know that the adorable little tot trotting up and down the halls and calling the elderly women ma-ma and the elderly men pa-pa and waving so charmingly to everyone is her great-grandson.

So, we had a very nice visit. This director thinks it would have made a fine movie. But it's not one you're likely to see, Dear Viewer, unless and until...we bring all the actors together again and replay the scene with a photographer who's equipped for the job!



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